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We offer complete lifecycle assistance for your AI strategy, from developing a vision for AI to carrying out projects that will generate value. Executives are suddenly interested in using Holistic AI (HAI) in their businesses. However, in order to fully realize the potential of AI and manage risk in a sustainable manner, executives must have a solid, comprehensive, and workable AI strategy. Here, we apply our many years of knowledge to help our clients.

Benefits of Holistic AI (HAI)

Holistic AI (HAI)

Similar to how the internet and earlier technologies like electricity transformed society, holistic AI (HAI) has the capacity to drastically alter the current economic and social structures. For your company, the question is how AI will advance corporate goals and produce better outcomes.

Competitive advantage

When properly implemented, holistic AI (HAI) will become a differentiator and competitive advantage, expanding on AI's inherent capacity to automate boring, repetitive jobs and produce novel concepts, ideas, and inventions through predictive analytics. This is how we help our clients.

Reduce costs and improve productivity

Whether by producing software code, improving chatbot performance, or supplementing the efforts of human workers (such as summarizing, streamlining, and classifying content), holistic AI (HAI) skills can streamline procedures and accelerate outcomes.

Holistic AI HAI Blogging

AI powered blogging is allready a reality. Visit our blogs page for the latest posts on Holistic AI (HAI).  


Technology experiance

Research PHD Rutherford Appleton laboratories

Research assistant and candidate for a Ph.D. involved in the initial design and construction of the Geneva-based Large Hadron Collider. This involved cutting edge technology at the time, advanced mathematics, and physics. Since its inception, CERN’s Large Hadron Collider has been conducting research and finding new particles on a regular basis.

Early online colaboration adoption
TRW Aerospace Corporation

developing early online real-time engineering collaboration systems for aeronautical engineering while serving as a subcontractor solutions specialist. Precision is essential in aeronautical engineering, and sophisticated engineering methods are used to guarantee compliance. Before the Internet gained popularity and we had tools for collaboration like teams, this was an early example of online real-time collaboration.

Ethical AI

Ethics of Artificial Intelligence. See UNESCO article – https://www.unesco.org/en/artificial-intelligence/recommendation-ethics

Cloud computing

AI and cloud are both changing how business is done in their own ways. Here’s how to use them to drive innovation, efficiency and strategy. See article https://www.nutanix.com/theforecastbynutanix/technology/ai-in-the-cloud


We love what we do

We have been promoting technology for more than thirty years.
We have already provided reliable solutions, and we have a strong interest in technology.

Holistic AI

The ‘Oppenheimer Moment’ for AI: Towards Building Responsible Holistic AI Systems. Learn more on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/oppenheimer-moment-ai-towards-building-responsible-holistic-phukan/

AI Human Interaction

Collaborative Intelligence: Humans and AI Are Joining Forces. Learn more from Harvard Business school – https://hbr.org/2018/07/collaborative-intelligence-humans-and-ai-are-joining-forces#:~:text=Through%20such%20collaborative%20intelligence%2C%20humans,quantitative%20capabilities%20of%20the%20latter.

Defence solutions

Working for BAE systems Riyadh, Technical project manager and solution specialist for various defence projects including:

Implementation of systems to allow Royal Sudi Airforce to assemble and service Phantom jets as part of a UK defence deal.

Implementation of ServiceNow kingdom wide for Sudi Defence forces.

Work with TRW and Lockheed Martin.

Cloud computing

Presales solution consultant on advanced 4G, 5G and LTE virtualised telecom systems. 

Working on Intelligent EDGE and FTTx fibre solutions. Implementations include virtual RAN, SDN and intelligent software switches for routing.

Live Your Dream

Push the limits of technology

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